Our Mission

Let us all now move forward together in gratitude and confidence

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facing Kalamazoo City

Our Progress

As a team, we must come together and embrace race related conversations that allow us to have a deeper understanding of the wealth gap in our communities. Communication

Our Master Plan

We will move our city forward by continuing the work of Shared Prosperity Kalamazoo, the Foundation for Excellence, and Imagine Kalamazoo 2025.  Shared Prosperity Kalamazoo, the

Housing for All

We must encourage our city employees to develop strategies that guarantee affordable and sustainable housing for all residents. Housing First Task Force ISAAC

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Days Until The Election   

I am filled with gratitude for your love and support as I run for city commission! Continue to share my page and please donate to my campaign!

Make checks out to: “Friends of Jeanne Hess”
Mail to: 1327 Northampton Kalamazoo, MI 49006