Finding Joy in the Games

About the Book

Sportuality crosses disciplines of sports and spirituality to help readers – athletes, fans, parents, officials, and coaches – evolve to a higher consciousness within sports and competition. Using questions for self reflection in “time-outs” and “box-scores”, the reader can reflect upon their own sportual stories, bringing greater meaning and purpose to their games. Ultimately, the reader can grow beyond the dualistic thinking of “us vs. them” toward peace and joy.

Sportuality redefines words: Competition, communication, spirit, community, enthusiasm, humor, education, religion, holy, sacrifice, sanctuary, and victory. As we think about these new meanings of words we use within athletics, we literally change our minds about the games.

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About Maxability

This book, a layered blend of people, stories, philosophies, and raw personal experiences, takes the reader on a dizzying journey of self-discovery. Jeanne “covers all  the bases,” by introducing us to a young man with dreams, a family’s grief over a deceased child, the complexities of foreign adoption, a tribute to a revered sports announcer, and her own challenges to define herself as a person apart from the roles she has played. Lastly, she allows the reader to revisit the concepts she presented and developed in her first book, Sportuality: Finding Joy in the Games with “time-outs” or reflections at critical points throughout the book. At any of these junctures, the reader may incorporate the narrative into their own life, reflecting on the “Who are you? What are you here for?” questions that Max presented to Jeanne when they first met.

–With gratitude to Kim Petrucci, Community Advocate

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“I like the play on words with sports and spirituality. I think the author really hit the nail on the head with this one. I know many people who, without consciously knowing it, use sports as a supplement to or substitution for religion.” Emily (Heinlen) Davis

Sportuality - testimony

A must read for those who believe that positive change & influence can come from sport.” Nisse

Sportuality - testimony