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Jeanne Hess

Jeanne Hess Your City Commissioner

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I am running for the Kalamazoo City Commission because I believe that we need an elected offcicial that brings residents and elected officials together.
I’ve coached sports teams and taught physical health education in Kalamazoo for over 30 years. Throughout my time here, I began to notice deep divisions in our community. I met students, residents, and professors that encouraged me to think critically of the issues our great city faces.
From generational, socioeconomic inequity to environmental and food-based insecurity, our city agrees that there are complex issues we need to address. What’s more, I believe we have the resources that we need to address these issues; however, we lack the will to work together.
As a coach, it was my job to bring people from different backgrounds and perspectives together to achieve goals and grow as a team. With that said, I feel that this is what our city commission needs. Our commission needs someone that will encourage commissioners and elected officials to listen to the needs of our residents and work together to serve all the people of Kalamazoo. We can not sit by and let national politics further divide us. It is our responsibility to show neighboring counties and communities that together everyone achieves more!


Our Progress

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